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The region is served by Highway 24 and nicknamed as Fishing Highway or the Gold Rush Way. Cariboo stretches south and North and can also be effectively explored from both 20th Highway and 26th Highway. These towns are named so by gold prospectors about mileage markings at the roadhouses located in each town.

From the south, the first town is Clinton, previously known as Mile 47, at the intersection of the initial Gold Rush Trail and Waggon Road. The town has a perfect blend of horse keeping and history. Ranches can be seen dotting the outer ring of the town.

North of Clinton alongside Highway 97 is the 70 Mile Town and the famous Eagle Island Resort. The Construction of Waggon Road culminated growth of different towns on the stretch of the highway from the south. Mile House 70, for example, is a bustling town at the junction towards Green Lake Park. The town started as a resting place for fur traders.

Located on the East, alongside Highway 24 is 100 Mile House and many Fishing Highway 24 Camping – Cariboo Lake Resorts in BC. This area is popularly known as Interlake’s Community and has approximately a hundred fishing lakes. Inland lake fish such as lake trout, brook, and kokanee are awash in these waters. The traveler can also indulge in trophy fishing in Lake Sheridan and Bridge Lake. These two lakes crops lake trout, rainbows, and sturgeon fish well over 5lbs.

Mile House town is a place to be in winter. The town is located on the Waggon Road, 100 Miles from Lillooet. In winter, the town is a one-stop place for dog sledding, snow shoeing, and cross country skiing. All these events happen every third weekend of January. There is also a Kayaking and Canoeing joint in Moose Valley Park located West of Mile House 100. The forest park suits bird watchers, gazing at woodpeckers, owls, grebes, hawks among others.

Located 50 miles north of Mile House 100, is Lac La Hache. The traveler will mingle in the hospitable community. The scenery lake has many guest farms and fishing lodges on its shoreline. The lake is also endowed with large size kokanees and lake trout.

Likely and Horsefly settlements are located in 150 Mile House Town. This community town is located 50 miles north of Mile House 100. The region is good for camping and hiking. Travelers can also catch lake trout and rainbow in the renowned Lake Horsefly. Likely town is an ancient gold rush community settlement. It is located west of Quesnel Dam just immediately at the mouth of Quesnel River. Adventure at ghost town Quesnelle Forks is thrilling. The town located 5 Kilometers from Likely

William’s Lake is the biggest city in central Cariboo. It combines both history, commerce, culture and the events of the millennium. A person heading to Chilcotin Coast town must pass through William’s Lake. Its friendly community’s holds steer wrestling and bull riding festivals in July.

The flower city of Quesnel is located on Lake Highway 97. Visitors can visit the archives and museums. There is an art gallery, gym, and pool. Troll Ski is located between Wells and Quesnel. Travelers can also visit Barkerville Historic Spot and pan gold in its immense goldfields. There are costumed historical interpreters at the site to complement the thrilling the experience.